Students Taking on Prevention – Kick Butts Day

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Kick Butts Day is a student effort devoted to standing up and speaking up against the influences of Big Tobacco. This Monday and Tuesday, Students Taking on Prevention (STOP) presented a tobacco “mad science fair” at Carson Valley Middle School and at Pau Wa Lu Middle School respectively. Designed by STOP participants, the event educates and encourages teens to never use tobacco products.
STOP presenters displayed containers for toilet bowl cleaner, rat poison, nail polish remover, gas treatment and moth balls and explained how each item is an ingredient in tobacco products. STOP also shared a chewing tobacco associated ‘gross mouth’ recreated with cancers, tooth loss and gingivitis and presented a pint-size jar of tar representing tar deposits in the lungs after one year of smoking a daily pack of cigarettes.
“It’s interesting and gross at the same time,” Cassidee Miller, an 8th grade student at Pau Wa Lu Middle School, noted about the mad science fair. Like others who participated on the event, Cassidee felt repulsed by the consequences of using any tobacco products. Another student trying to quit smoking reached out for advice.
We encourage anyone who is trying to break free from tobacco to take advantage of the Nevada Tobacco User’s Quitline that provides FREE professional help. Get started over telephone or text. Call 1-800-764-8669 or text “QUIT” to 47848.

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